Portal del Sur



Everyday you can join us to all the free activities that the Hostel gives


Spanish Lesson

Learn all the words and phrases you will need while traveling through Argentina!
Have fun learning Spanish and meeting people from all over the World…

Walking Tour – La Boca

Our Historian friends will guide you and show you the past and present of the streets of Buenos Aires.

Tango Lessons

Tango is our dance. A mixture of sensuality, nostalgia, passion…
The idea is to have fun, to live and take a little of our culture with you.

Walking tour – Downtown

Our Historian friends will guide you and show you the past and present of the streets of Buenos Aires.

Mate meeting

It’s almost impossible to find someone in Argentina who doesn’t like “mate”. Discover the secrets of the traditional drink we like more and more each day. To go with the “mate”, you can try our typical fried cakes. THEY´RE DELICIOUS!




We offer tours for a fair price with a service of excellence so you can enjoy BA at it best!
For private tours and more info, please write us to reservas@portaldelsurba.com.ar

Bike tour

Daily Tours at 9.30am and 14.30pm: NORTH-SOUTH.

Tango show

Daily Shows: Transfer + tango lesson + Dinner + Show

Tour de Futbol

We go to the best matches from the tournement. The tours include: ticket + transfer in-out + snacks.


IN –OUT service from the airport. Others places from the city on demand. Travel safe!

Graffiti tour

Discover the underground side of Buenos Aires in its walls and find the most amazing urban art!

Día de campo – Pampas del Sur

Pampas del Sur it’s the perfect place to relax and to experience how much fun it can be to live on a farm!

City Tour

Everyday: Morning & Afternoon – Takes 4h.

Walking tour

Our historian friends will guide and show you the greatest things you need to know about our past & present. A tour that you can’t miss if you are interested in the country’s history.

Spanish lesson

Spanish lessons for those who wanna learn our language. For all levels and wallets.

Tour Colonia y Montevideo

Day tours to Colonia and Montevideo. Ticket sale.

Wine tasting

Taste some of the best argentinian wines, malbec included. Perfect for small groups.

Polo day

Our Full Polo Day is made for those who wanna turn into a professional polo player. It’s on all year!

Sky diving

Skydive from 3000mts high and have the biggest rush of our life. Pics and videos included for you to never forget this moment.



Tours in Argentina


We work with Say Hueque Tours, one of the most important Independent Travel Agencies from Buenos Aires!

Say Hueque Tours in Argentina and Chile is a travel company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It specializes in providing customized tours to independent travelers throughout Argentina and Chile´s national parks and cities..

With unrivaled expertise, excellent guides and the best prices, Say Hueque’s professional English and Spanish speaking staff will provide you with the best-value, hassle-free travel experience.

For more information mail us to reservas@portaldelsurba.com